[LYRICS] TOKIO - Jiyuuna Na no Moto ni

From the 17 album, released in 2012
Lyrics by Shigeru Joshima
Composition by Taichi Kokubun

振り切れ失せちゃ 擦り切れ捨てちゃ
何だってそうだね 始まりもしない

変えなきゃって言う想いきっかけで 現在に至るんだ
多趣多様な出逢い繰り返すよ ふと見つけたあの雲みたく

自由な名の下には 僕しか紡げぬ明日が
ともすれば誰にでも出来うる 厳しく優しく行こうか


こうすれば?って誰かが言ったけど 限定にハマらず
多岐多様な出逢い繰り返すよ 未だ漂うあの雲のように

自由な名の下には 今だから出せる色が
だとすれば夢だって叶うる 自分の時間で行こうか


理由が其処に在れば 振り返る事もないね
答え無き日々にありがとう 自分の時間見つけたよ

微かな光が差す限り 広がる終わらないストーリー
自由な名の下に この胸刻むと誓うよ

Furikire usecha surikiresutecha
Nandatte sou da ne hajimari mo shinai
Arikitari demo jimonjitou sa
Sonna mainichi

Kaenakya tte iu omou kikkake de genzai ni itarunda
Tashutayou na deai kurikaesu yo futo mitsuketa ano kumo mitaku

Jiyuuna na no moto ni wa boku shika tsumugenu asu ga
Tomo sureba dare ni demo dekiuru kibishiku yasashiku ikou ka

Donna kizuato mo nijimu namida mo
Genmei na shouko sa

Kousureba? tte dareka ga itta kedo gentei ni hamarazu
Takitayou na deai kurikaesu yo mada tadayou ano kumo no you ni

Jiyuuna na no moto ni wa ima dakara daseru iro ga
Da to sureba yume datte kanauru jibun no jikan de yukou ka

Kaima yureru kibi no saki no niji yo
Itsuka tadoru keshiki ni omoi haseta

Jiyuu ga soko ni areba furikaeru koto mo nai ne
Kotae naki hibi ni arigatou jibun no jikan mitsuketa yo

Kasuka na hikari ga sasu kagiri hirogaru owaranai sutoorii
Da to sureba mou hajimatteiru
Jiyuuna na no moto ni kono mune kizamu to chikau yo

As you shake it off, it vanishes, and when it's worn down it's thrown away
And you're back where you came from, not having started at all
You spend your time thinking, life unchanging around you
Every single day

We've come this far, even as everyone told us to change who we are
We've met so many people along the way, and now it feels we've found a cloud to rest under

All of us under our own name have created a tomorrow for ourselves
As long as we have each other, no matter how lost we become, we'll find our way down this harsh and gentle path

The scars on our bodies and the tears we cry
Are proof of the life we're living

Everyone's told us how it is we should act, but we can't limit who we really are
We've gone to so many different places, and like a cloud, we simply are who we are

All of us under our own name have a colour to call our own
This dream we live in is the answer to the years that've passed, and together, we'll live out the time we've been given

Our rainbow trembles just beyond the forest
How far will it carry our hopes and dreams?

We're not sure if there's a real reason out there, but we wouldn't turn back for the world
And while we've no answers to our questions, they've helped us find a time where we can be ourselves

Just as light reaches far away and beyond, so too will our story be vast and endless
In any case, we've already begun to live it
With this name we own together scorched into our hearts

For the pet project, again.

There's nothing I can say about this that other people don't already understand, probably. But the "name" is clearly TOKIO, and this is clearly a testament to their history together (and how much they were told to change), and the concept of everyone being comfortable and happy under their own little cloud is such a good image that I always cry a little.

Leader and Taichi and Tomo's gentle voice? More like kill me.
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