to whoever took screenshots of my private entries and then sent them to my girlfriend

Fuck you.

And thanks for making it difficult to want to add anyone any more.
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OMG! For what reason? Maybe she/he is someone who knows your girlfriend.
She/he/they must leave someone`s private life right?
AHHH! Irresponsible fan/friend!!!
Hope di sya makarma!!!
I don't know, haha.

Nakakainis. I only know one person who's been talking to her regularly who's also my friend, so for the time being I unfriended/blocked them kahit walang evidence. Di ko na kaya 'to.

She's actually been trying to get over me, though, apparently. Like she said so in an e-mail to me that she was deleting things to "start again".

So sa tingin ko wala na kami. Haha.


2 weeks ago

Eh, seriously? That's a bad thing to do! How did he/she knows your girlfriend?
We have just one mutual friend, so they're the only one I can imagine doing this.

It just pissed me off. How low can you fucking get?
what the hell are they trying to pull? wth?
Howaa... that's awful ! whoever did this to you is a jerk..
you have a full right to be upset...
wtf is wrong with people?
WTF?? Some people are so sick.
omg I'm so sorry to hear that! That's just awful. wtf
puhtek talaga.
haha wala na akong masabi.

stupid stupid stupid

Omg :(!! Why are people like this

What a horrible thing to do. Ugh. *hugs*
Well... be careful with what you post online, even though you consider it locked for others.

And maybe you find this useful. Slack encrypted chat, you can share files there, and decide who to invite
That's douchebaggery taken to a whole new level D:

Seriously...wooww...are they dumb or what? patient okey...i hope everything alright...

some people are just..i'm speechless.
man that's fucked up DDD: hope you're doing okay :/

This is so awful to do!! How can people be this low? This is really disrespectful towards you.
I'm so sorry for you, no wonder that you want this journal to be as private as possible.

ughh what the hell?? sigh, people these days really makes me lose my faith in humanity...
i hope something unlucky happens to that person and he'll regret doing this to you >:(
don't worry bro, karma will soon hit them, just wait and see.

stay strong my friend ;)
I'm sad to hear about this. That person is so inconsiderate and mean. He/she also lessened our chances of being friends with you in LJ. I'd understand if you'd be more strict now in accepting requests after this incident. :'( I hope everything goes well in the end.
Ay grabe! That was totally foul ah.

Pero what if your GF asked that friend if she has heard anything from you kaya that person sent her your posts.
(I did asked a friend din before kaya lang sa facebook. totally a girl thing :D I am not trying to keep your hopes up though)

I really hope you get a sort of closure.
That's crappy someone did that
ugh, how can people be so meddlesome? it's none of their business... i would have been so raged if i was in your shoes... i can't imagine how angry you must be feeling ^_^
omg seriously??? that's so messed up! :(
That's fucked up of course but let's look on a bright side: it has been a while since we saw proper LJ drama at LJ top, so it is nice to have some ).
Omg, what 😱
That's awful, I'm sorry to hear that :/
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